The following is a list of tasks to be completed prior to 1.0, which broadly equates to matching the functionality of Xara Xtreme. Some are in progress, some have not been started.

Printing to be completed

SVG import to be completed

SVG export

Links to bundled 'absolute beginners' movies (partly done)

Use pop-up slider elsewhere in the UI

Font gallery

Bitmap dropdown combo

Stroke dropdown combo

Docking galleries / bars that remember their size / position

Resizable galleries and bars

Reconfigurable galleries and bars (i.e. so their content can be changed)

Downloadable & Library galleries

Downloadable movies and built-in movie player

Import / export filters (e.g. EPS, CDR, CMX etc)

Colour Separations

Name gallery

Photo tool, even if only basic

Ability to use PS plug-in in Live Effects tool directly

Test stroking in freehand tool and enable combos

Help system (partly done)

Clipart gallery

Fill Gallery

Anything to do with animated GIFs

Frame gallery

Pressure sensitivity

Other import/export filters

Anything that attempts to contact the internet

Bug fixes

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